Where is Your URL?

Have you noticed how many vehicles have vinyl letters on their rear window or bumper? For small businesses, this has been a great way for them to get exposure wherever they go.

For as low as $50, your website address can become a moving billboard. It’s funny when you see beat-up vans or trucks with the name of a company and telephone number displayed on the back of their vehicle. I often wonder if people have the confidence to call these service people after seeing how they take care of their automobile.

What really caught my attention recently was driving behind a police car. On the back windshield was their URL – www.vpd.ca – in white vinyl. When the Vancouver Police Department starts promoting its website on patrol cars, you know you’ve missed the boat if you haven’t already done it.

Taking this a step further, the VPD also communicates to the people of Vancouver via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube videos and even a blog. This is becoming the way of the world. What’s your social media game plan?



Jen DeTracey

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