Which blogging platform should you use?

There is a crucial question that everyone asks before becoming a blogger – Which blogging platform should I use… Blogger, WordPress or something else? My very first blog was called “Chrissie’s Film Project Blog” and was written in 2005/2006 when I was working on “What Girls Are Made Of?” my Master’s thesis project. That experience gave me the blogging bug. I started with BlogSpot (before Google swooped in and changed it to Blogger).

So after a few years blogging with Blogger I signed up for a WordPress account as well so that I could test its features.

When I first started looking at WordPress as a blogging platform I thought that I might find more features and customizations than with Blogger – but several years ago those customizations cost extra money. I do find now that WordPress has improved its interface since then.

One Account to Rule Them All

My google account is the master of my online universe . One login gives me access to my email, my YouTube, my blog, my online documents and spreadsheets, my online calendar, my analytics… the list goes on. Having one login is a huge feature in favour of Blogger which benefits me by being super convenient.

Today I would be hard-pressed to choose one blogging platform over the other and would probably only choose Blogger due to my experience and familiarity with it and the convenience of the master login.

Overall Blogging Tips

  • It takes time to craft a good blog so if you have little time brevity is your friend.
  • Try to turn it into a story that can draw on human connections.
  • Take a deep breath before responding to trolls/negative feedback… sometimes just ignoring their comments is the best approach. Sometimes a witty retort feels good but be careful not to become embroiled in something that takes away from the original post.
  • Be sure to track and measure using the “Stats” button in Blogger’s dashboard. Take note of which posts got more hits and consider why one may be more popular than others… take into account timing, where and when you promoted your post (for eg. did you share on facebook?), topic and tags.

Whether you choose Blogger, WordPress or some other blogging platform be sure to understand your reason for posting – knowing is half the battle

Christina Adams

Christina Adams is Owner & Strategist at Antenna Social Media & Design. She brings over a decade of experience working with digital media. She created the education website for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games, visited by millions and lauded by top Canadian educators. While working towards a Master’s degree in Gender Studies, Christina also completed a Graduate Program in Teaching Certificate. She has taught at the post-secondary level at: The Art Institute of Vancouver, Memorial University of Newfoundland, and Emily Carr University of Art + Design.”

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