Why mastering Twitter will help you grow your business!

As a social media strategist, I hear over and over again from clients, “But I am on Facebook, so I don’t need to be on Twitter”, or “I just don’t get Twitter.” Facebook is an amazing social media tool to build relationships. But the reason why mastering Twitter will help you to grow your business is because it is an “open door” vs. “closed door” platform.

On Facebook, you can have a personal profile and try to friend potential clients. But most people don’t friend people they don’t know, because they want to protect their personal information. The next step on Facebook is to set up a Business Page and have people “Like” you. It is still considered “closed door” because it is dependent on your networks.

On Twitter, you can actually search for people and topics in your area based on keywords, or for people that might be interested in what you have to offer and then follow these people. They notice you when you follow them, hopefully click on your website or read your tweet feed and follow you back.

For example, if you normally sell your products or services to moms in a certain area- such as Vancouver, you can type in “mom Vancouver” in the top search and you will get a choice of either “people” or “tweets” with those 2 words. In the people section, this will be Twitter users that have included the keyword “mom” and “Vancouver” in their profile description. If you search Tweets, you will get the people that have mentioned those words in their last tweet. Searching based on profile keywords is usually better than the last tweet.

In order for this to be effective, you want to make sure that your profile is personable and people understand what you do. This is just one simple step to strategically bring more attention to your business through Twitter.

So if you would like to get a stream of new traffic or customers to your business, then mastering Twitter is essential.


Shauna Harper

Shauna Harper is a mentor for Women’s Enterprise Centre and a business coach for creative entrepreneurs . Due to her obsession with online marketing and the “little blue bird”, she teaches entrepreneurs how to strategically use Twitter to grow their businesses.

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