Why is No One Talking to Me on Twitter?

Imagine going into a networking event, dropping off your business cards on the table and then walking out. Who would do that?

So why do that on Twitter?

I see many businesses on Twitter posting what they have for sale and retweeting what other people have said but not actually engaging and then wondering why no one is speaking to them on Twitter.

Here are some tips to get conversations flowing:

1. Try to use more “@” mentions Without using “@” mentions enough, you aren’t engaging. Now engagement doesn’t mean “Hey @potentialclient, wondering if you need my stuff!” Engagement means asking people questions about themselves or commenting on what they have said. Use more “@”.

2. Spread what is awesome If you want people to talk about you (or for something to go viral) make sure it is awesome. People don’t share “blah” stuff, they share awesome! They share stuff that tugs at the heart strings, tickles their funny bone or makes them take a moment to ponder.

3. Follow up  Relationships take time. You want to be checking in from time to time with the same people. How are they? What are they up to? How is business? Even a simple… “hey that was a funny comment” so that you stay top of mind. You never know how one relationship can lead to another. By including follow up in your strategy you will start to see more conversations flowing.

For more Twitter Tips for business, check out my free video series Business Tweety.

Shauna Harper

Shauna Harper is a mentor for Women’s Enterprise Centre and a business coach for creative entrepreneurs . Due to her obsession with online marketing and the “little blue bird”, she teaches entrepreneurs how to strategically use Twitter to grow their businesses.

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