Why Your Website Content Matters

We know how important having a website is to our business. That’s why we invest time, energy and resources into its design and launch.

But once it’s live, and the initial excitement fades, our website is all too easy to ignore. We get caught up in the day to day running of our business or seduced by more “exciting” marketing platforms, such as Twitter or Facebook. And so our website sits, its content unchanged and unloved.

Your website content deserves your time and attention, not just once but regularly. Here are just a few reasons why your website content matters:

1. First Point of Contact
Often, your website is your first point of contact with prospects. Most consumers (according to one study, 89-percent) use the Internet to make purchasing decisions. When prospects come to your website, you have a valuable opportunity to engage them by answering their questions and showing how you can solve their problems.

2. Traffic From Other Marketing Tools
If you’ve invested in other marketing tools, such as social media, newsletters, business cards or advertising, you also need great website content. After all, the purpose of many of these tools is to drive traffic to your website. You don’t want to waste your investment by sending these leads to a website with outdated or unhelpful content.

3. Search Engine Rankings
Google and other search engines use sophisticated algorithms to rank quality content higher in search engine results. When you regularly post helpful content to your site, your site will rank higher, leading to more traffic. And more traffic can lead to more leads and sales.

4. Build Trust, Develop Relationships
Perhaps most importantly, great website content allows you to tell your story. How do you help clients? What problems do you solve? What makes you and your business different? This type of content allows you to demonstrate your expertise, build trust and develop relationships before even speaking to a prospect.

Don’t let your website content languish. Regularly update your site with content that your prospects and clients value. You’ll have not only a happy website but a prosperous business.

Holly Yoos

Holly Yoos is the owner of Copperplate Communications in Vancouver, B.C. Copperplate Communications helps small and medium size businesses get more leads and build stronger client relationships by creating quality content for websites, newsletters, blogs, social media and marketing collateral. Learn more at

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