Will Your Resolutions Make it Past the First Week?

Resolutions rarely last.

Here are the stats:
75% of resolutions last only a week.
14% last a year.

The top resolution is to lose weight. The second is to get better organized. Sound familiar?

So rather than New Year’s resolutions that rarely work, let’s talk about lasting change and good quality of life.
1) Begin with a clarity process. Get clear on how you want your life to look. Most of us don’t know exactly.
2) Start with one category. Categories can include social life, finances, career, health, relationship, family and so on. Make space in your calendar so you’re not rushed. Contemplate, get clear, write it down.

Successful change must be attainable and sustainable. We usually don’t learn this in school so research ‘how to’ or hire an expert so you stop believing that change is hard. Change isn’t easy but if you learn how to change then you’ll get where you’re headed without defeat.

Aim high for long term goals. Take simple, regular steps that may not feel super sexy or interesting. Don’t try to do too much too quickly.

Bucket list goals (climbing mountains, jumping out of planes) are awesome. But we are often missing the easiest way to increase happiness. Experts say that “between 50% and 80% of our happiness is really under our control!” Right now.

The Positive Psychology literature reports that happy people:
1) feel engaged in their vocation or career
2) have good relationships with family and freinds
3) have a spiritual element or degree of faith in life
4) describe themselves as optimists
5) take some degree of good care of their health
6) are materially capable to provide for self and family on such things as food and shelter

So this year rather than making resolutions, start taking responsibility for the life you want. Get clear. Get a plan. Get some support. Go one step at a time.

Susan Washington

Susan Washington. B.Ed., M.Ed., CPCC, has 25 years of experience in the field of training and development. She is a teacher, writer, speaker and Master Success Coach based in Vancouver, BC. Susan loves to train, teach and coach leaders (and organizations) to lead with clarity, strength and full expression

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