Meet Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of committed volunteers from various regions of the province who each devote a minimum of five hours per month to ensuring the organization is achieving its mandate.

Our current Board Members are:

Board Member Profile

At least 50% of Women’s Enterprise Centre Board Members are required to own or have owned their own business, or have attained a senior position of leadership in a business or related organization. They are passionately interested and involved in the advancement of women entrepreneurs and women business owners in BC, and they must have demonstrated strong leadership and entrepreneurial skills in business and/or community service.

Board members must be willing to develop the vision and take responsibility to lead Women’s Enterprise Centre, to advocate on behalf of women entrepreneurs and to have a desire for public service. A varied geographic, urban/rural and ethnic representation of BC is strongly desirable but not absolutely necessary, and will depend on the functional and other qualities needed at the time of recruiting. Previous knowledge of, or connection with, WEC is considered an asset.

In selecting new members, the Board seeks to find candidates who enhance and complement the cross-section of strengths, skills and experiences already present on the board. Desired strengths include in-depth knowledge of the following functional areas: strategic planning; HR/coaching; finance/accounting; lending, legal or risk management; and marketing. In addition, the following other skills and experience are desired: political connections, governance/board experience, community connections, and community awareness.

Board Member Terms

Terms for directors shall be for one year, with the understanding that upon joining the board, the minimum desired commitment is for a series of three one-year terms. A director may serve on the board for a maximum of five consecutive one-year terms unless a director is elected to the executive, in which case they may then serve for a maximum of eight one-year terms (including executive terms). The board of directors has the option to renew a director’s term for an additional year outside of the maximum.

The executive positions of Vice Chair and Chair will serve for two one-year terms with an optional third year and, if requested, in the position of Past Chair for a one-year term. Succession planning will be kept in mind in appointing directors to executive positions to ensure continuity.

The Women’s Enterprise Centre Board has a nominating committee which works with community organizations to recruit new members as needed. Contact us to learn more about the Women’s Enterprise Centre Board.

View the WEC Board Recruitment Strengths Template