Pilar Portela

Pilar Portela has a passion for technology and sustainability fueled by over 20 years of experience in enterprise business applications, technology startups and economic development. She spearheads efforts to help resource industries tap into the power of the Internet of Things (IOT) and Regenerative technologies to improve their environmental stewardship.

As a CEO based in the interior of BC, Pilar has a deep understanding of the demands of business and industry in rural areas, and is focused on helping start-ups and minorities in rural areas thrive and grow as part of her larger vision of global rural economic development.  

Pilar brings a strategic thinking, capability-building and adapting planning to complex environments, translating business drivers into actionable and measurable results. She holds a BAdmin in International Trade and an MA in Project Management with an emphasis in high tech. 

WEC board director, Pilar Portela
Pilar Portela,