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There’s nothing more exciting than launching your new website. You want it to reach far and wide (the SEO part), but far doesn’t matter if no one sticks around to read it. Writing is hard but nothing will help you understand yourself and your business better. Here’s five tips to ensure that your prospective clients get to know you as well.

1. Technique – Everyone learns to write in school but is it website writing? There’s plenty of online how-to but the essence is this: Keep it short – the information and the sentences. Short is hard (ask any ad copywriter), but essential if you want to be read. Deconstruct other sites, borrow ideas, try things out, and have friends proof.

2. Style – In business, style is part of branding. Part of this is achieved by ensuring your words are consistent with your other marketing materials. I had a client who wanted an elegant site but jokey names for his products. That’s like wearing checks with polka dots.

3. Be an expert – The dreaded blog is a good way to establish authority. Since you’re always researching about your field – women business owners are the best for this – write about what you’re learning and thinking. Show off your ideas in 350 words or less (the length of this post).

4. Tell your story – Not all of it, just the passion part (people have a way of slipping out of boring parties). Your ‘About’ page is the obvious spot but what about your portfolio? If it applies to your business, give us a back story about your client’s requirements, your solution, and why. Stories are an easy way for new clients to understand your method and philosophy.

5. Mood – Ask yourself this: Does my design and text comfortably coexist and do they accurately create the mood I want for my business? It’s a bit like creating a room from one of those impossible paint chips – we start with almost nothing and work until we have a space that is undeniably ours.

Leslie Javorski

Leslie Javorski is a content writer. Though her niche is food, her articles, stories and blogs have appeared in numerous publications, including Northwest Travel Magazine, Saveur, Western Living, Taste, and the Vancouver Sun.You can learn more about Leslie at foodwords.ca

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