Working from Home? 5 Rules for Home Based Offices

Technology has vastly opened new doors of opportunity for us to accomplish our tasks and to stay connected without ever leaving our homes. I can still remember those times when interaction with another person was a phone call away. Today, with a few keystrokes, we can communicate, follow, share, and chat, anywhere and at any time.

With these technological changes, a home office now has many advantages including many tax incentives. You can save on fuel, office rental, commuting, parking, coffee, and also have many tax deductions. However, there are many disadvantages if you are not careful. Procrastination, chatting with friends, long afternoon lunches or surfing the internet are all timewaster traps.

Here are 5 rules that will help keep you focus, productive and motivated.

1. At the end of your day list ‘action plan items’ you want to accomplish. Prioritize and assign each item the level of importance as it needs to be completed.
2. Remove all items that are not business related from your office. Move household items – recipe cards, children’s story books, dishes, toys, games, videos to a designated space out of the office. These are distractions and will keep you from focusing on your business.
3. Place recyclable and shred containers close to your desk. This helps to reduce clutter and eliminates excess in your workspace.
4. Place office equipment (printer/scanner) within reach of your computer. This will encourage paperless environment by scanning receipts and documents.
5. Reduce procrastination and increase productivity by taking regular breaks. Schedule regular mini breaks between tasks. Get up from your desk, stretch, go for a short walk, have a coffee or drink water. Give your brain time to relax and unwind. It will help you feel re-energized

A home based office has many advantages. Stick with my 5 recommended rules to create healthy routines and be more productive in your home office.

Elizabeth Densmore

Elizabeth Densmore is the owner of Office 2 Office Business Solutions in West Kelowna, BC. Office 2 Office Business Solutions offers a range of office efficiencies for your small business to operate at top capacity by introducing the tools, training and strategies to become more effective and productive. Elizabeth provides the guidance to streamline systems that accelerate, organize and simplify everyday processes.

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