Wrestling for Office Space

Jack is a self employed contractor who works on average 60 hours, 6 days a week traveling from one job site to the next. His wife Jill also has her own small business as a graphic designer. Jack and Jill share the same home office space which is also headquarters for all their household accounts. Jack and Jill have the added responsibility of a young family. For convenience plus saving on childcare cost, Jill works from their home office. Her day consists of taking care of her business in addition to the children’s needs.

The Scenario
There are actually 3 separate businesses wrestling for office space; Jack’s business, Jill’s business, and household accounts. The system that worked in earlier stages has become ineffective. What started off small and simple has grown exponentially into a chaotic disaster. The home office has evolved into competition with household items that include recipe books, children’s story books, toys, games, videos, dishes.

Separate & Designate
The solution begins by removing all items that are not business related from the home office space. Remove items that are not business related for example receipt cards, children’s story books, dishes, toys, games, videos and designate each to an area outside of the home office.
Separate all three businesses – Jack, Jill and household accounts

1. Designate a specific area for each business within the home office. An example is a file cabinet drawer designated and labelled for that particular business.
2. Allocate space for books and reference material on shelving units.
3. Divide a cabinet or closet into designated space for each business usage.

Your home office is the nucleus of your business. With an effective, productive system, you know where every incoming item goes, and no task or deadline is overlooked.

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