Writing a Media Pitch? Just Three Paragraphs will Do

Writing a media pitch can be really easy. If you can write an email, you can write a media pitch and introduce a reporter or editor to you, your company, products or services.

Before you start writing media pitch, ask yourself:

  • What’s your company and what product or service do you offer?
  • What makes your offering unique? If you can’t find what’s unique about your company, the editor won’t either.
  • Why will it appeal to the readership? Keep asking yourself “so what?” until you are satisfied with the answer.
  • What do your customers say about you?
  • What is the boldest, most outrageous or provocative statement you are willing to make about your product or service? Own this statement to be effective.

When writing your media pitch, focus on 3 paragraphs:

The first paragraph introduces your company and what is unique about you or your offering. Make sure you give your website or blog so they can get more information.

The second paragraph ties into how your company will help the magazine/newspaper or blog’s readers solve a problem. You can talk about benefits, outcomes or even use a testimonial or quote to get the point across.

The third paragraph calls them to engage with you. Offer your product or service for review. Or let them know what topics you are an expert at, to give them story ideas to talk to you about. You want to have an opening to contact them again, so make sure you indicate that you will be following up with them – not the other way around. Make sure you give them your email and a phone number to contact you if they wish.

Media outlets are always looking for new and interesting stories. Never assume that your story isn’t interesting enough for an editorial.

Elena Verlee

Elena Verlee is founder of Cross Border Communications, a technology PR agency that promotes high-growth companies and start-ups in the US and Canada. Elena’s award-winning PR blog “PR in Your Pajamas” is her passion project, meant to help entrepreneurs and smaller businesses who can’t afford a publicist, to get heard, get known and get talked about so they can change the world.

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