In Your Client’s Shoes!

The most successful marketing strategies begin with the customer in mind. You want to put yourself in her shoes so that you can feel what she is feeling; experience her thoughts including why she needs your product and service, and what might be standing in her way of making the purchase. So how do you get into her shoes?

Stop selling your products and service. Sell the benefits instead. Your client doesn’t buy your service because she likes you (that’s a competitive advantage). She buys your service because it fulfills a need that she has.

Why You? Know how you are different from your competitors. Now that she knows she needs what you are selling, you want her to buy from you rather than a competitor. Consider what makes you, your service or your product unique. Consider what you are offering by standing in your client’s shoes and look at her options to fill her need. What other options does she have and why should she choose you?

Really, walk in her shoes. Know your customer. If you haven’t already created a customer profile, you really need to do that. Start with the demographics: age, where she lives, works and plays, marital status and income. Also consider psychographics: Who does she talk to, work with, play with? Go ahead; walk around in her moccasins for a few days!

Create an ideal client representation reminder. Find a representative picture of your ideal client and put her in a picture frame on your desk. Or, maybe find an actual pair of shoes to represent her!

When you are doing any marketing plan, step into your client’s shoes and consider your message from her perspective.

Pamela Carey

Pamela Carey Nelson is a business advisor with Women’s Enterprise Centre in Kelowna, BC. She is the author of Broke –Free Forever: Strategies to Break Free From Living Payday to Payday. She also operates her own entrepreneurial ventures through her consulting and management company, Carey Management Corp.

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