Resources to Create an Entrepreneurial Classroom

What does it mean to be entrepreneurial and why is it important? In an ever-changing workforce, where instability is the new normal, entrepreneurial thinking means being adaptable, persistent and a problem solver. It is vital to students’ success regardless of their career path.

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Integrated Resource Plans

We have activities, presentations and resources created by business professionals on a variety of topics that can help you grow an entrepreneurial classroom. Below you can download charts that outline the resources we have to help you address your PLOs.

A Guide to Entrepreneurial Resources for Youth

An entrepreneurial mindset helps students view challenges as opportunities, encourages them to use creative problem solving and drives them to make their solutions a reality—skills that are useful throughout their education, career and life.

If these sound like your #classroomgoals, we can help. We’ve collaborated with several other organizations on a guide to help you find the right programs for your students.

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Entrepreneurial Resources for Youth

Other Links

Check out these resources to help your students gain essential business skills, develop an entrepreneurial spirit and adopt the mindset to succeed!